Friday, July 8, 2011

A good hat day is just as hard to come by.

Spent this morning wandering around good ole Williamsburg in Brooklyn. We started soaking up the hipster vibe with ricotta pancakes at Five Leaves. After I had that melt in your mouth "what-the-hell is this awesome texture?" pancake genius, I wanted to snuggle in between two pancakes, rest my weary head on the accompanying blueberries and strawberries, and just die happy.

But, maybe I'll finish this post first.

We also did a fair amount of vintage shopping and scored some sweet hats on Bedford Ave. I find the top one very charming and will do a shoot with it tomorrow!

They just don't make them like they used to.

Check back for posts on my designs from FIT!

<3 Catherine


  1. i just got an amazing wide brim/fedora like hat at the nordstrom sale. i love finding the perfect hat when you least expect it.
    so lucky that you can just hop on a train and explore williamsburg. i'm really hoping to move to NYC when i graduate next year.
    looking forward to seeing your designs!

  2. Williamsburg can be a ton of fun. I was just there for three days in a row even tho I live in the upper west!

    If you're in Berkeley though, you should be able to find lots of cute things around Haight/Ashbury right? My sis is living in SF and she showed me some sweet spots last time I visited.


  3. oh do tell which places! i havent had a chance to explore SF like i should. other items that i loved at nordstrom was the b&w wintery looking sweater I tried on in the pic, aviator or wayfarer sunglasses, and slouchy boots. if only i had a money tree in my backyard lol.

  4. Love the top hat with the bow! Yum! Those pancakes sounds delicious! (:

  5. I just wore the hat with the bow out to shop for more vintage stuff!

    The pancakes definitely took my breath away! If you're ever in NYC, you've got to give them a try.


  6. i love those hats especially the one with bow!!! xoxo

  7. nice one. I love the top hat with bow. The hat in black color will look more trendy..I need similar one for my younger daughter.
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