Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grounded in happiness

rooftop farm 2

New York has a dirty little secret...

One of its rooftops in Brooklyn is actually an amazingly productive farms with views of the Manhattan skyline!! If only I was more motivated on Sunday mornings to go and volunteer! The one time I went was truly something breathtaking, a rooftop farm by the water was simply too good to believe. They're extremely hands-on with volunteers as well, I felt like I learned a lot about cucumbers in those 2 hours. There are several of these rooftop farms, but I found this one to be the most accessible for an upper west sider. I really need to plant something- like now.

Annie Novak, Co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop farm, stated that she feels the most at peace when she's:

Outside with my hands in the earth, listening to the seagulls by the water. It takes a lot of concentration to do it right.

couldn't agree more.
An interesting interview with Annie can be found here.

rooftop farm

In other news, FASHIONS NIGHT OUT. What's everyone's plans?

<3 Catherine

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