Monday, June 27, 2011

Right Now: 70 degrees and Pride!

Here's my look for the past Sunday along with a first look at my headband/accessories line - ChainChainChang!!

Had a swell weekend with farmer's market shopping and ending with some Pride Parade action in the City! It was such a rainbow blur of crazy outrageous people that somehow steered my friend and I to the waterfront where we took pictures. I also learned that it's legal for ladies to go totally topless in NYC. Who knew?! It was also more than your average pride parade this year, Gay Marriages were officially legalized less than two days ago in this state! More LOVE!

<3 Catherine

Dress: Australian/Necklace: ChainChainChang/Bag: Oliva Harris/Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren Cat Eyes/Shoes: ZOMP

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