Sunday, June 19, 2011

Right Now: 76 degrees and rooftop sundays!

I really do love Sundays. On the agenda for today: My friend and I are going to do some rooftop farming at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn. I'm kind of a hippie, baking my own granola and now farming. Next thing you know I'll be going into green fashion design and using recycled fabrics? Oh wait, I'm already doing that.

Ahem, we're also going to go shopping for some proper party clothes and then go scope out the scene at another rooftop featured below called Ravel. Rooftop sundays!

Another current and definitely continuing future obsession - iced coffeeeeee!! It just makes me feel less like a zombie on a day to day basis. I'm really looking forward to trying this Ice Coffee recipe at home from Pioneer Woman. If you haven't checked the Pionner Woman out yet, she's kind of the best thing on the internet. So, do it already.

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